Following the heated view of the trending saga of Omah Lay’s display with a fan’s girlfriend, the young man has emerged online to seek people’s opinions on the saga.

In the recent trend, Omah Lay who was having a great show in his UK sold-out concert suddenly swerved odds after inviting a random fan’s fiance on the stage and danced erotically with her.

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The video went viral sparking heavy reactions among concerned civilians who infused the viral status of the clip.

Taking to his social media platform, the young man queried the public on the decision he should take as the pressure kept bumping on him.

According to him, he asked if he should stick with the lady or let go of their union as their relationship is currently on the brink of crashing.

Nigerians have so far flooded the social media platforms deploying a vast number of suggestion to the puzzled man.

Meanwhile, several sources disclosed that the young lady told Omah Lay that she came alone which prompted Omah Lay’s intense freedom as seen on the viral video.

According to the Afrobreat Gem, he wouldn’t have picked her if he knew she came along with her man.

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