What Cause The Death Of Mohbad? The Truth Revealed

It is no longer a rumor that in the Nigerian music scene, there is more to it than meets the eye. So many people have accused the Nigerian music scene of being a cabal where you have to “belong” before you can excel or “blow” and remain relevant. Some of the groups parading as record labels are just criminal gangs using record labels as cover for their criminal activities like internet fraud, drug trafficking etc and if you dare try to exit or speak up they will make your life miserable. They will harass you, assault you, beat you up and blacklist you in the industry so that nobody ever sees your limelight again.

What Cause The Death Of Mohbad 

From the media outburst, all hands have been pointing towards Naira Marley, the deceased former record label boss and Sam Larry, someone we may choose to call “a consultant” in the Marlian music group. There was a series of videos of Sam Larry with his boys attacking Mohbad, and the most recent one was a video of Sam Larry with some other group of thugs accosting Mohbad with Machetes at the venue where Mohbad was shooting the video of his song with Zlatan Ibile.

We have seen other videos too of Naira Marley assaulting and beating up Mohbad.

The late victim did report several times to the police, he in some of the petitions had pleaded with the Nigerian police force to save his life, in fact, the most recent report was the petition he filed to the Lagos state police command in June this reporting the assault of Sam Larry against him and storming the scene of his video shoot with boys assaulted him and his crew and damaged his shooting equipment worth millions of naira.

As expected, the police did not do anything or even invite Sam Larry or Naira Marley for questioning till the guy died from what he was running from, instead, Naira Marley was rewarded by being made an ambassador of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

While no one can specifically point towards anything to have been the direct cause of the death of Mohbad, every insider or those close to him has been testifying to the fact that it was the series of ordeals he had in the hands of Naira Marley and Sam Larry that led to his untimely demise. I personally have spoken to some of his close friends and they all said the same thing.

The police need to swing into action and investigate the events leading to the death of this promising young lad and also do well to uncover the dark side of the Nigerian music industry.


Source: Tekedia

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