Sisi Quadri: Biography, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Family, Education, Others

Sisi Quadri: Biography, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Family, Education, Others

Sisi Quadri: Biography, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Family, Education, Others

On Friday, March 1, 2024, the Yorub Nollywood community grieved the passing of the cherished star Sisi Quadri, also known as Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, celebrated for his comedic prowess and talent in portraying female roles in Yoruba films.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Sisi Quadri, born on December 26, 1979, in Iwo town, Osun State, experienced an unconventional journey to acting. Despite his upbringing in a traditional household with expectations of becoming a Muslim cleric, his passion for the arts initially diverted him towards studying Arabic and the Quran. However, his fascination with creativity led him to pursue fashion design, and he graduated from a fashion school in 1999.

In the early 2000s, Sisi Quadri’s path intersected with destiny when his mentors, Toyin Olaiya and the late Hameeda Shakeem, introduced him to the world of acting. His innate talent quickly captured attention, leading to minor roles before his breakthrough performance in the 2004 Yoruba movie “Seniyan Seranko.”

Rise to Stardom

In 2020, Sisi Quadri’s comedic talent shone brightly in the film “Ebudola,” where he portrayed an insolent character alongside his close friend Funmi Awelewa. The immense success of “Ebudola” propelled him into the spotlight, resulting in the production of subsequent sequels and cementing his popularity in both skit-making and Yoruba cinema.

This achievement unlocked a plethora of acting and content creation opportunities, firmly establishing Sisi Quadri as a powerhouse in the industry.

Sisi Quadri’s Real Wife

Sisi Quadri’s wife’s identity remained shrouded in mystery, with rumors swirling but the truth remains elusive. His best friend, Funmi Awelewa, played a significant role in his life, as evidenced by their on-screen chemistry and the magic they created in the hit movie “Ebudola” in 2020, where they exchanged vows on-screen. This on-screen connection continued in “Toko Taya” in 2022, further solidifying their fictional love story.

Sisi Quadri’s Sons

In reality, Sisi Quadri welcomed two sons, Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji, into his life. As both an actor and filmmaker, he joyfully embraced fatherhood, treasuring each moment with his expanding family.

Sisi Quadri’s Family and Early Life

Originating from Iwo, Osun State, Sisi Quadri had strong ties to his roots. His father, Alhaji Jimoh Oyebamiji, also known as Yagofeesu, significantly influenced his upbringing. Through his marriage, Sisi Quadri was blessed with four children – three sons and a daughter.

Who Is Sisi Quadri Mother?

For Mrs. Oyebamiji, tragedy struck when Sisi Quadri lost his mother on February 22, 2023. The lingering pain of this loss added a somber tone to his otherwise vibrant life.

Sisi Quadri’s Education

Originating from Iwo, Osun State, Sisi Quadri’s journey commenced with fundamental Islamic education in his hometown. His innate gift for communication passed down from his parents, flourished when an uncle introduced him to the realm of acting during his upbringing in Ore, Ondo State. Completing his primary and secondary education in Ore laid the groundwork for his future pursuits.

Sisi Quadri’s Net Worth

Despite the emotions permeating his personal life, Sisi Quadri experienced professional success. With a net worth of $102,000, he established himself in the competitive realm of filmmaking.

Sisi Quadri’s Real Age

At the age of 44, Sisi Quadri’s passing sent shockwaves through the industry, signifying the conclusion of a cinematic era.

Sisi Quadri’s Career

Sisi Quadri ventured into the entertainment industry as a makeup artist in 2002, later transitioning into acting full-time. Renowned for his comedic and insulting dialogue delivery, he graced many Yoruba movies, earning accolades for his roles in ‘Seranko Seniyan’ and ‘Ebudola.’ Beyond acting, he showcased his skills as a trained fashion designer and master of ceremonies. His earnings allowed him to invest in a thriving tailoring business and build his dream home

Sisi Quadri’s Death

Tragically, Sisi Quadri succumbed to an undisclosed illness on March 1, 2024, leaving the Nollywood community and fans in mourning. Colleagues and admirers expressed shock and sadness, remembering a talent lost too soon. At 44, he bid farewell, leaving behind a void in the industry


Q: Who was Sisi Quadri’s real wife?

A: Sisi Quadri’s real wife remains a mystery, but on-screen, he shared a special bond with Funmi Awelewa.

Q: How many children did Sisi Quadri have?

A: Sisi Quadri was a proud father of two sons, Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji.

Q: What is Sisi Quadri’s net worth?

A: Sisi Quadri’s net worth was estimated to be $102,000.


Sisi Quadri’s life journey was woven with threads of love, family, and professional accomplishments. From his unspoken bond with Funmi Awelewa to the sorrow of losing his mother, each chapter contributed to shaping the man behind the cinematic brilliance. As we reflect on Sisi Quadri’s legacy, his impact endures through his films and the memories he left with those who were touched by his presence.

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