Ruger biography

He didn’t stop there, he was also a member of his church choir. Ruger is becoming successful. Currently, he is 22-year-old and he has gone far. He came into the limelight after he signed a contract with D’Prince of Jonzing World Record. There’s more to know about Ruger’s music career in this update.


How successful is Ruger in Music? After D’Prince signed Ruger to his record label, he has been making waves.

Ruger released one of his singles titled ‘RUGER’ which is a self-titled single from his first EP project named ‘PANDEMIC.’ PANDEMIC was released on the 12th of March, 2021.

On the 19th of November, 2021, Ruger released his second EP (Extended Play) titled ‘THE SECOND WAVE.’ Ruger’s second EP was produced by Kukbeats.


Ruger got high recognition with the release of his single titled “BOUNCE” which became a major hit in 2021. “BOUNCE” became Number One on APPLE MUSIC in some African countries mainly Nigeria.

When Ruger was signed, the record label released a single titled “ONE SHIRT” featuring D’Prince, Ruger, and Rema.

How was Ruger discovered? Ruger used to repair phones at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. He was doing this until D’Prince discovered him on Instagram and signed him.

List of Ruger’s singles?



Is Ruger Married? Ruger is not married to anyone as of now, at the age of 23. Though, he has a girlfriend. There’s more to know here about Ruger’s Girlfriend.

Who is Ruger’s Girlfriend? Ruger is in love with a Nigerian actress named Susan Pwajok. She is his official girlfriend of Ruger and they are in love. Susan Laraba Pwajok has been in a relationship with Ruger for almost a year and they’re cool with each other.

How many children does Ruger have? Ruger does not have any children currently from different sources. He may have a child, but no source has disclosed such yet. Ruger seems to be very secretive, so much is not known about him.

Is Ruger Eye Intact?

Is Ruger’s Eye intact? Many people ask this question, but it’s important to note that Ruger’s eye is intact. Ruger is not blind. He can still see with his left eye, but he decided to cover it. Why did Ruger decide to cover his left eye? He decided to cover or patch his eye because he used it to respect someone. Ruger said he doesn’t want to talk about the respect he is giving to the person because talking about it is disrespecting the person.

Ruger revealed this in an interview with Max FM Nigeria.


How much is Ruger’s net worth? From observations, the exact net worth of Ruger is not known. Therefore, revealed that Ruger is worth over $250,000.


What is Ruger Instagram page? Ruger is on Instagram and his handle is @rugerofficial.

What is Ruger Twitter page? Ruger is on Twitter and his handle is @rugerofficial.