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Producer; @Tujay proposed to Precious Oheji during ISADA 2019 awards night

Producer @Tujay proposed to Precious Oheji Ogbaji during ISADA 2019 awards night with very close friends and well-wishers such as KelvinOmache, Elivis, the JMMG crew and many others in attendance.

The second edition of the prestigious Igede Sons And Daughters Award (ISADA) may have come and gone, but it is still dominating discussions in Igede music circle. The ceremony, regarded as the biggest event in the land’s entertainment industry, came with many dramatic moments as many of the Igede’s top entertainers, who is who in the land, business men and women, etc were all on hand.

Though a lot of top entertainers and prominent Igede sons and daughters were in attendance at the ISADA 2019 hosted by the Igede-born eloquent speaker Victoria Onda (presenter, Choice Fm Oju), Mc Kris and Mc Bolaji Coker respectively, one couldn’t help but notice that most of the real heavyweights in the land music scene were conspicuously absent. The reason was not far-fetched, as to why ‘Emako Stikgz’, was not in the arena that glorious night.

The biggest winner at the awards, Prof. Jeezy aka Zeek9 was not in attendance but hey!!!!….., the love for this great Igede son can never be evicted from his fans. This was demonstrated as he was announced as the winner for Artist Of The Year and Song Of The Year category respectively (Two Awards) Congratulations @Zeek9

Anyways!!!!……Enough about the awards matter…i am here to tell you something spectacular that occurred that night…… I dey jealous now sef…. 🦍

Now! Listen!!!…..What could be more romantic to a young lady than a marriage proposal from the man of her dreams, with a gorgeous engagement ring in an event hall like that of ISADA? Offcus it’s every girl’s dream! Because It’s her guy’s public declaration of love. So tell me…. who wouldn’t say yes to that?!

Here on Neeksnation today, I’ll be bringing to you an adorable marriage proposal moment between #Tujay Adima and #Precious Oheji Ogbaji that will make you yearn for marriage.

The featured newly engaged couple ❣️❣️💍💍 excitedly shared with us the details of how it all went, down to the magic moment where she said ‘YES’.

You’ll also get to know #their favorite moment, #How Did You Know he/she Was “the one”?, #See their beautiful pictures and watch their romantic marriage proposal video as I (Ogah Neeks) was there live!!!!!!…….no be lie 🦍…I see am🐵

Love is a beautiful thing and Nigerian fast rising music producer Tujay sure knows how to celebrate it in style.

@Producer Tujay and @Precious Oheji Ogbaji Live in Isada 2019

KelvinOmache set the mood with his thrilling performance carefully crooning the show after which he stopped and invited Tujay to the stage.

I actual thought its gonna be a joint musical performance as this is part of the culture but before we knew it, Everywhere was silent🤨🤨….as Tujay begins pouring in those love words and praises on Precious….. After all said and done, Tujay got down on one knee to ask Precious Oheji to marry him.
Everyone was really shocked as Precious sealed the engagement ring with a hot kiss on Tujay live on the stage. I was soooo annoyed and wanted to go propose to somebody too (Perhaps the female host; Victoria…lol). Anyawys… avoid a hot slap from Vickie instead,,,,, and since i am the No_1 Igede born amebor aka aproko 1 of Benue, i moved closer to gather the below details for you guys…….👇👇👇👇

Bride-to-be: Precious Oheji Ogbaji

Groom-to-be: Tujay Adima

Dated how long: 1year (between dating and engagement)

Marriage Proposal Date and Place:

Sunday, December 29th 2019 at Jullia Resort Oju where they went to attend the second edition of the prestigious IGEDE SONS AND DAUGHTERS AWARDS 2019

Favorite Moment of the Day 🍷🍷🍷

From Precious: Neeks…There were so many things… the surprise… I’m (naturally) very nosy, and always figure it out when people want to surprise me.

He pulled it very good because I did not guess it at all as we were all having fun with the large audience. The fact that the people I loved were there, it meant a lot to me. The big grand gesture… the whole night was so unexpected and perfectly amazing.

From Tujay: My best part of the day was her reaction to the ring, the excitement that took over the ISADA hall and the hot kiss hahahahaha!!!!!….. You mean she hasn’t kissed you before? i asked……

No! she has but this one is so sweet (exclaimed Tujay)

Everyone was screaming including you Neeks and at that moment I knew the world will hear our story.

Watch video below: 👇👇

How Did You Know he Was “the one”?

From Precious Oheji Ogbaji : I asked God for him (Tujay). I knew what I wanted in a husband and as silly as this sounds, I wrote my list and took it to God 🙏.

A few months later during a radio drama we both precipitated in, he showed up with everything on my list and more. We have the same ideas about family, life and God. Our core and moral values are the same.

I trust him with my life and my future. And (I love that) we argue. I can’t marry a man I can’t argue with because someone in that relationship is faking.

I’m sorry to say, but no two people can agree on everything. We have our disagreements and we work through them. He’s not afraid to say sorry and he truly loves me.
I can go on and on and on. The truth is, I know because I’m at peace with him (Tujay) and when I think of my future with him, I grin like an idiot 🤣

How Did You Know She Was “the one”? ☔

From Tujay: I knew she was the one just because of the peace I feel around her. My mind and Spirit are at rest. She is my medicine, melody, and my everything.

One day, I asked myself a question “If tomorrow I were a carpenter rather than a music producer, will she still love me, will she fit in as my wife, and my answers were all a resounding ‘yes’. She is a woman for all seasons. And I hope to give her the very best life has to offer.

Wedding Bells! Wedding Bells! 🗣️🕰️

‘’Let us put certain things in place first. We will communicate to the general public soon. We aren’t rich as we want yet, but we aren’t broke like we used to. Just want to start from this little state we are’’. These were the words of the groom to be (Tujay) when asked about the wedding date.

A Big Hearty Congratulations from Us

Congratulations✌️✌️ to the newly engaged couple, from us here at Neeksnation. We wish them a fun-filled time during their wedding planning! We look forward to featuring your pre-wedding engagement shoots and photos and stories from your wedding also.

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