Polygamy Saga: May Edochie allegedly attains liposuction, Yul Edochie Rages, alleges infidelity

Polygamy Saga: May Edochie allegedly attains liposuction, Yul Edochie Rages, alleges infidelity

The polygamous saga of the Nigerian Actor, Yul Edochie has sparked yet another dimension as he has finally succumbed to the nature of anger.


Recall that Yul Edochie was heavily struck by countless and unlimited views of trolls ever since he unveiled his colleague, Judy Austin as his second wife.

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Since the trolls escalated to a new dimension, they have attained even a rigid bond displaying their marital union online most often.

However, in the toll of this, Yul Edochie has always been polite and open with his first wife, May Edochie who has been fighting to retain the status of her family; openly disclosing that he still loves her and retains the space as his first wife.

Even though May Edochie never ceased to express her disappointment in Yul Edochie publicly, he never swerved to the odd way until he lost his first son to the cold hands of death.



This escalated to a heated saga after Yul Edochie snubbed the pain and publicly declared that 2023; the same year he lost his son, was the best year of his life.

His first wife, May Edochie never clapped back at his revelation many assumed to be ‘cringe’ sparking the tantrum of a Nollywood actress identified as Sarah Martins.

She disclosed that she was quite astonished and displeased to digest that the Actor declared the year he lost his first son to death as his best year ever and heavily lambasted him online. However, in this phase, Nigerians didn’t hesitate to dig deep and recalled that she supported Yul Edochie and Judy Austin’s marital union lambasting her hypocritical approach.

Away from this, Yul Edochie stormed social media once more to disclose his displeasure after learning that his first wife, May Edochie allegedly condoned liposuction that involved boøbs and bütts enlargement.

He raged unstoppably calling her out via his social media platforms where he chided her publicly for attaining such without her consent which attracted massive attention.

According to him, he is disappointed to learn that a woman who lost her first child to death was not remorseful enough to discard the urge to attain liposuction.



He added that she also portrays a high level of infidelity with a married man with whom he refused to display his identity.

Finalising his series of utterances online, he disclosed that he would prefer to keep mute because of the reputation of her children.

Nigerians have been on their toes reacting incredibly via all the social media platforms.

See his posts below;