Wed. May 27th, 2020


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MY FEAR FOR THE FUTURE: The Probable Extinct of the Igede Language – Ajogi Victor Ede

Recently I met a very beautiful, gorgeous and charismatic Igede lady whose father’s profession as a soldier didn’t give her the room to be bred within Benue State, yet she displays an impeccable command of the Igede language.

I was so surprised that I had to ask her how she was able to attain the unlikely feat as opposed to most Igede in her shoes?
The reply she gave me even threw me off balance. In her voice, she said, “My parents had never communicated to us in any other language other than Igede”

I was so wowed, but sad at the same time because not all parents are willing to teach their children our indigenous language, and that is making our language about to go into extinct.
Our language is gradually being replaced with the English Language, and the languages of the environment we find ourselves. People are now ashamed of speaking their mother tongues!
With my recent encounter with the lady, I just have to unlearn my internalized position that I held about most Igede parents. I make bold to say that we still have wise parents who will stop at nothing in order the make their children know their mother tongues.

So, in any part of the country that you find yourself, and you cannot speak Igede or you are ashamed to speak Igede language, then, I should say shame on you, because, English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo or any other indigenous language is not our language, and cannot replace Igede language.

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