Nigerian Afrobeat Gem, Davido touched down in his hometown yesterday to link up with the popular YouTube sensation, Kai Cenat and it was all fun.

However, in the toll of this while live streaming with the YouTuber, Davido breached his deal with his manager and revealed slight information about his incoming album.

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While the 22-year-old YouTuber queried him, Davido disclosed that he is already done with his next album while also disclosing that it consists of 15 tracks and 6 features.

While he tried to reveal more while Kai queried him, Davido resisted disclosing more for their privacy.

Nigerians couldn’t hold their nerves and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.

Since Kai Kanet arrived in Nigeria, He has been heavily celebrated by Nigerian civilians and Celebrities who are keen on his crafts.

Watch Video below;