Linfield chairman reacts following racist incidents

Linfield chairman reacts following racist incidents

The chairman of Linfield FC., Roy McGivern commented following three incidents of racism initiated by the club’s fans, plus the bad name they acquired for the club.

Roy McGivern is the Chairman of Linfield Football Club. He is a public servant and has been actively involved in the management and administration of the club. McGivern has played a significant role in engaging with supporters and addressing various issues faced by the club.

In his statement, as announced by the club through their website, McGivern said the following:

‘Our loyal supporters have been magnificent this season, cheering on the team in huge numbers both home any away.

‘A small number of supporters, however, continue to let the club down with instances of unacceptable behaviour which does nothing to support our players or the club as we chase a 57th League title.

‘I would encourage all supporters to get behind the team in the traditional Linfield manner and to discourage others from further damaging the club’s name.

‘Let us be clear, further instances of spectator misconduct will lead to increased financial sanctions, a possible ban on our supporters attending away games and potentially a deduction of points.

‘We cannot allow this to happen and I would, therefore, appeal to all of our supporters to get behind the team in the right way over the course of the holiday period and across the remainder of the season. Stay Blue or Stay Away.’

Outsiders would wonder why the Linfield seemingly waited for a sanctioning by the IFA before becoming very serious about racism in their fans’ stands.

The club’s manager, David Healy, made an official statement recently, saying that racist behaviours will no more be condoned in the stands. This was following a four thousand pounds fine the club had to pay for the evil behaviour, plus sanctions from the IFA.