Sat. May 30th, 2020


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Lady: I Set Boyfriend Up With A Friend To Test His Faithfulness, He  Married Her

I set my boyfriend up with my friend to test his faithfulness; he dumped me and married her.

A lady has explained how she set her boyfriend up with her friend to test his faithfulness and he dumped her and married her friend.

Pearl, who narrated her experience, has since said she regretted all her actions while appealing to other women not to repeat the same mistake.

The lady, who said her friend’s name is Anita, said she used her to tempt her boyfriend but it ended up in marriage while she was dumped.

The lady disclosed that Anita collected her boyfriend and they are married with two kids.

“5 years ago I had asked my friend to test my boyfriend to see how much he loves me _Today they are happily married with 2 kids. Anita God won’t forgive you for me!” Pearl said.