Armando Broja was not seen on the pitch while the Blues were struggling yesterday at Riverside, Middlesborough’s home. But an insider has revealed that one of the reasons this happened was Broja’s inability to connect with Misha on the pitch during a game.

Chelsea’s Coach Mauricio Pochettino watched his side get beaten yesterday by Middlesborough. There were several questions following the match, and one of them was why Armando Broja who could have affected things positively was missing.

‘Armando came from one year injured and played a few days ago,’ said Pochettino to Chelsea’s press. ‘He cannot start like a normal player, we need to manage him. In three days we have another game, he should start.

‘It’s difficult for a player like this to start three games in less than seven days. Then when he went on the pitch with Misha it was difficult for them to connect, to create chances, and in the end they could not help us to score or take a different result.’

Does this mean the two players have to learn to work together for the greater good?