I’m Good Thanks

This tortoise is going to win the race… by sheer steady determination!

Oh sure, there are days that feel like I’m falling behind, sometimes even rolling backwards.

Other days may even leave me confused as to whether I am the tortoise or the hare… maybe there’s a bit of both in me, at times.

Whoever came up with the saying, slow and steady wins the race, had to have been in a similar race as mine! They most certainly had to have experienced much, if not more, of some of my own obstacles and roadblocks!

The point is… if I keep going slow and steady, I won’t be needing a break!

This tortoise has an enormous dish of carrots and apples waiting at the finish line… and I am hungry!

My friend the hare ran too fast for too long, having to stop and take several breaks, so he will be along shortly! I’ll just set some of my goodies aside for him, once he gets here… I simply love to share my things with others, as a turtle can only eat so much lettuce and carrots, anyway!

Here, have a cookie….