Sun. May 31st, 2020


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Igede: Help! we have nothing to engage the herdsmen with. Echori cries .. plus live interview with the first gunshot victim (Audio)

No fewer than 11 persons were wounded in recent clash between Echori community and some gunmen suspected to be killers herdsmen on Sunday evening/Monday

It was gathered that the attack is a reprisal attack by the herdsmen for the killing of their cows by four young boys from the Echori community.

Some of the residents in the area have been leaving their abode in drove to forstall any impending conflict with the herders.

As at the time of filling this report, security personnel have been deployed to the community, while the chairman of Obi LGA was already on ground to monitor the situation and provide support

Echori community is about 47-50 kilometers away from the local government headquarters (Obarike Ito)

In a live interview with the first gun shot victim who responded in Igede dialect, he says “We did them no wrong. They only ambushed our people that were coming back from the funeral of a relative at about 7:00pm on Sunday night. I went to my farm the following morning (Monday) and i was ambushed by these same herdsmen”

He further claims that everything the news said about four boys killing their cows before the sad development was a proper lie and a strategy to mislead the public. “If their cows were killed by four little boys, why not coming to report the situation to the entire community? Why ambushing, why matcheting and shooting innocent people coming back from funeral”?

Adding to this he says “We need help from all well meaning Igede sons and daughters for us to be able to repel any more possible attack from the herders. We have nothing to engage the heavily armed herdsmen with but God has been helping us just like the children of Israel. It was a miracle we survived it”


Listen to the live interview in Igede dialect below