If Your Woman Is From Any Of These 7 Tribes, Marry Her Immediately (Details And Pictures Here)

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Marriage is a Union between men and women. God upon creation of human being has created men and women to be fruitful and to multiply.

When it gets to a particular stage in a man life, he will be getting prepared for marriage and he will scouting for the lady of his choice to get married to and build a family.

Men most times look at several things like Physical appearance, educational background, family and lots more.

Also, the man will watch out for vital things like the tribe, culture, tradition and family health history.
All over the world people are always careful of getting married to a man or a woman outside their tribe because many see inter tribal marriage as a risk.

Although, most people claim that difference in language will pose more threat to the marriage if proper care is not taken that’s why they do not want to delve into such.

Marrying a man or a woman from another tribe has helped us live in peace in Nigeria and in Africa at large.

Inter tribal marriage makes a country experience peace and progress because the relationship from different zone will be cordial and will be for the development of the country.

However, there are some tribes in Nigeria with virtually everything a man wants in a woman to build a peaceful, successful and fruitful home.

This article is going to take us through tribes where men can pick a wife material from when they are ready to settle down.

If Your Woman Is From These 5 Tribes, Marry Her Immediately.

Below are the tribes

  1. Yoruba (Osun, Ekiti)

The Yoruba ladies are one of the most sought after women in Nigeria because of their disntinct way of life.

The Yoruba tribe are the son and daughters of oduduwa, an ancient forefather who established and named them Yoruba.

Let it be known that yoruba women are so jealous but are adorable and beautiful.

The reason why men rush to get them is because they are well educated, they dress well thereby increasing their rating in the society such that even foreigners who came to settle in yoruba land either through work, business or trade end up chasing after Yoruba women while some get lucky to get married to them.

Moreso, the Yoruba women can cook well, they are romantic, supportive, can endure hardship, hardworking and are entrepreneurs.

Most times, they often look younger than their actual age because they carefully take care of themselves, are good at fashion and style.

In general, yoruba beauties are known for their impeccable taste and elegance.

Yoruba ladies are humble respectful and smart.

I am sure that prospective husbands and the ones who have gotten married to them can testify to what I have said here.

So if your woman is from the Yoruba tribe, do not joke with her or play with her heart but Marry her immediately before she slips off your hand.

  1. Fulani Tribe

Believe me or not, Fulani women are one of the best in Nigeria. The tribe has over the years been able to prove that they can wrestle wit any tribe when it comes to beautiful women in Nigeria.

The Fulani women are beautifully and wonderfully created, they are blessed with this sleek, beautiful structure and look which is enough to entice group of men around.

Their beautiful and catchy smile with a very inviting ascent can make you stick with them for life.

Apart from beauty, What about their way of life? Fulani women are most times shy but are blessed with humility, they are not arrogant at all, so supportive, submissive to their husband, hardworking and they can be seen as a perfect example for a wife material.

Let me add this, with or without make up are always beautiful and their appearance and outfits are always top notch.

  1. Igbo (Nsukka, Enugu)

They are hardworking, strong, reliable and confident. They are perfect fit wife material because they are beautiful, they dress well and are presentable.

Igbo Women are so fun to be with, so inquisitive because they want to learn.

The Igbo’s are one of the most sought after women in Nigeria. An average Igbo lady will give you the best of the best.

One of the reason why men hustle to win their heart is because they are so independent and jovial and smart.

They are versatile in nature, are business oriented and are known to be committed in whatever they do.

An Igbo lady is a good cook with different cooking skills in their head, supportive and adorable.

You can never have a dull moment with them. They are romantic and good in bed, some of them are educated and they are set of women who does not care how much you have, even if it comes to drinking garri, some of them will surely stick with you through the thick and the thin to make things work out for you and the family.

4.Igede / Idoma (Benue)

The Igede and Idoma are people that reside in Benue state a middle belt state in Nigeria. Igede ladies are found to be satisfied with whatever you give to them, they are committed to anything they do, l and they love genuinely.

Also, the Igede women are found to be so hardworking and industrious such that they are so good at doing various kind of trade and businesses which will in turn bring out a good profit.

They are taught to be respectful, serve God either Muslim or christian and to cap it up they can tie you down with their cooking ability and skill to always put delicious food on the table. They are not hot tempered, respectful and loyal to the core.

Also, Igede and Idoma Women are so faithful to their men. They are not promiscuous neither will you find them loitering around or having an affair with another man either single or married.

Igede and Idoma woman do not just throw herself on men, but the men’s preference for the women from this tribe is because of their commitment to relationships.

Though, driven by the passion to pursue these girls, most men have confessed to be very comfortable with Igede and Idoma ladies because of their ability to stick to their choice of lovers regardless of challenges through thick and thin.

  1. Ibiobio
    The ibiobio are quite exposed, educated and have this distinctive beauty and hotness which almost all tribes in Nigeria can’t match. They are hot, adorable, sexy, beautiful and sleek in nature.

Ibiobio tribe are the people from the south south part of Nigeria which cut across Akwa -ibom and some part of cross rivers state.

They have a colourful culture which allows their wedding ceremony to be fun and mouth watering.

Ibiobio women are sophisticated in look, good when it comes to cooking various delicacies, they support their husband in any way they can for him to be successful in life.

Furthermore, ibiobio women are romantic and good in the other room which will make men stick to them till death do them part.

  1. Igala (Kogi)

They are mostly black and beautiful, their love is so enticing such that you will be shown more than enough in your lifetime for you to see.

An igala woman is so loyal and committed, she can sell her eye to sort you out of an issue to show how caring and loyal she is.

The women are loyal and reliable in all they do. They believe in your dream, vision and goals so they support you in any way they could to make you achieve your aim.

These set of women have a tender heart, they love so dearly such that you will see it written all over them, they are not wayward, their humility is top notch because they have been taught to thread that path right from a tender age.

They are good in the kitchen and can make you bite your tongue when eating their delicacy

They are business minded people, humble and industrious in nature, they are less dependent such that a man won’t experience a tough time with them or regret getting entangled with them.

Men, if you have a Igala woman then I’ll advise you to marry her because such a woman is rare to find.

  1. Ijaw (Delta, Bayelsa)

If Your Woman Is From Ijaw then I’ll advise you hold her tightly because many men out there are looking for them to marry.

Ijaw tribe is a tribe that resides in Delta and bayelsa state in south south Nigeria. The ijaw women are so cute, tall, mostly dark with a beautifully glowing skin.

Have you ever been around an Ijaw woman before? ijaw women are legal hustler mostly known for trading in sea foods like shrimps, crayfish, starfish, stockfish and so on.

When you get to various markets across the nation you will find them both young and old diligently doing their business to get their daily bread. They are so hardworking, business oriented and strong in nature. They are averagely educated and smart.

When it comes to ijaw women, they are neat, know how to cook good food well and highly romantic. They are fun to be with, their cultural weddings are top notch and colourful with different type of activities like dance, masquerade display that fill the day.

Ijaw ladies are a bit stubborn, they hate cheating, exposed fashion wise and they dress neatly and beautifully. Get yourself an ijaw lady and enjoy life.

Dear readers, marriage is interesting and fun when you meet the right person. The right person may or may not be from your tribe but whichever one you find make sure make sure you treat her well.

He who has found a good wife has found favour in the sight of God.

What dou you think about the tribes mentioned above? You can also drop your own opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. Bro, No be lie oooo. You said it all. I live Igala and Idoma then Igbo…

  2. Wow, I guess my decision to marry a Yoruba girl isn’t bad after all.

  3. Well thanks… This post should be nominated for the UN peace prize awards. Hope that’s what you had in mind when you wrote it. Personally I think all tribes in this Africa have angels and devils. Successful marriage isn’t really about an advantageous tribe, it’s about whether the two individuals involved were meant for each other or not. Tribe regardless. Thank you.

  4. wow! that’s a great one


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