Hot Debate!: Between Peter Obi and Obi Cubana, who is 

Hot Debate!: Between Peter Obi and Obi Cubana, who is 

The public status of the Nigerian most adored eastern Gems, Peter Obi and Obi Cubana has been quite amazing as they have soared to the peak phase with their influence.


This was thrust by their positive efforts which had infused their rank to the stage most people crave to attain.

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They have also attained a massive dimension in the financial phase where they have embodied a great currency that has defined their net worth.

However, in the toll of these, Nigerians are incredibly puzzled as they debate on who is richer between the two maestros.

In reality, Peter Obi who lost the 2023 Nigerian presidential election to Bola Tinubu is recognised as one of the rarest Nigerian politicians who is a business mogul. His political affairs have engulfed and covered this phase of his vocation, unlike Obi Cubana who has publicised his status as a business mogul.

Both maestros have infused their net worth through this vocation to the extent that Nigerians can’t figure out who is richer.

Following several views of debate going on, we have inflicted this space to outline who is richer between Peter Obi and Obi Cubana.

Having explored a bit of their status, who do you think is richer between Peter Obi and Obi Cubana?