Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou said Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn are mistaken.

Ngannou who shocked the boxing world by knocking down Tyson Fury in the third round of their ten-round bout is preparing to fight Joshua in March.

Many still think Tyson Fury was the wrong person to usher Ngannou into the world of professional boxing, since Fury might have lost his edge. But a lot of people believe that Joshua who recently beat Otto Wallin in the fifth round of their match is the right man for Ngannou.

When Ngannou was a boxing debutant warming up to have his first ever professional boxing match, many thought he overreached himself by challenging none other than the biggest boxer in the world. However, the former UFC heavyweight champion nearly defeated Fury.

While speaking to MMA Hour recently, Ngannou said, ‘Eddie is a promoter, that’s a routine for him. He says the same thing all the time about everyone. That’s what he does.

‘The day is set, it’s two months from now, and if any of them think it’s going to be easy money then too bad for them.

‘If AJ takes the punch that Fury took, I can’t guarantee he’s going to get up. I heard that he doesn’t have a chin. I’m going to find out. I really intend to hand him a loss.’

Though Joshua might not be able to deal with Ngannou’s punches, Ngannou will have to deal with Joshua’s good footwork — something Tyson Fury did not have.