Flashback to the Epic 2018 Harrysong vs. Kizz Daniel Beef: A Lesson in Humility

Flashback to the Epic 2018 Harrysong vs. Kizz Daniel Beef: A Lesson in Humility

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the unforgettable and laughable 2018 feud between Harrysong and Kizz Daniel. This clash not only provided entertainment but also taught us a valuable lesson in humility. Buckle up as we unravel the details of this unique and amusing spat!

The Genesis:
The beef started with the release of Harrysong’s single, “Selense,” featuring Kizz Daniel and Reekado Banks. At the time, Kizz Daniel had recently parted ways with his previous record label


, and he saw this collaboration as an opportunity to showcase his prowess. The lyrics of his verse boasted:

“For this Industry, na me be greatest, (selense)
Harrysong dey try, but himself know Baba na maddest.”

The Twist:
Instead of appreciating the feature, Harrysong found Kizz Daniel’s verse belittling. Rather than requesting a re-recording, he decided to release the track as is but cunningly added a fourth verse to respond to Kizz Daniel on the very same track. Talk about petty moves in the music industry!

Harrysong’s Response:
“Ih ye Ih ye, a little piece of advice for boy Kiss, (selense oh, se)
Respect my experience, don’t be childish, (selense oh, se)
‘Cause the older the wine oh,
The stronger the wine oh,
So humble yourself oh,
Eh you just dey start oh eh”

The Aftermath:
Kizz Daniel may have been frustrated when the track dropped, but time had a surprise in store for both artists. Fast forward six years, and Kizz Daniel is now a superstar, while Harrysong is still navigating the afrobeats landscape as an upcoming artist. Omo x1000!

The Lesson Learned:
Reflecting on this saga, it’s clear that underestimating someone can have repercussions. Today’s leader might become tomorrow’s follower, and vice versa. Harrysong’s tale serves as a reminder to embrace humility, even when success seems certain. Who knows what the future holds?

In the ever-evolving world of the music industry, clashes and controversies add spice to the narrative. The Harrysong vs. Kizz Daniel beef was undoubtedly a memorable chapter, leaving us with not only a few laughs but also a valuable lesson: stay humble, respect experience, and never underestimate the journey others are on. As we continue to enjoy the dynamic landscape of the music scene, let’s carry this wisdom forward and appreciate the unpredictability that keeps us hooked!
By: Yungsea