The death of Mohbad is termed a mystery and today, the scars left in the hearts of the fans have prompted once more after another buzz, this time, a positive one.

Following the saga of his yet-to-be-disclosed autopsy, music loyalty, and DNA test, fans have been struck with a positive view after spotting his unreleased song.


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This has however swerved them into a mixed reaction following how they will have to start missing his potential in the game once more.

In a video that has gone viral, Mohbad’s new unreleased song titled ‘Psalm 23’ was sampled and his fans without hesitation loved it beyond measure.

This also replicates his ability on the song ‘Egwu’ recognised as Chike’s best song so far. Uncommonly it was released after his death.

Since the song went viral, they have been deploying positive reviews to his image causing massive reactions among them.

Watch video below;