Bobrisky Biography

Bobrisk: Biography, age, relationship status, net worth and 2024

By Yungsea

Who is Bobrisky

He was born into a Muslim family on the 31st of August 1991, in Ebute Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria. He hailed from Ogun state, Nigeria.

Bobrisky family background

He is from a polygamous family. His father married 3 wives and his mother is the last wife.

The father hailed from Ogun state, Nigeria. Bobrisky revealed in an interview that he is the second son and the last child among his mother’s three children.

Bob was trained by her mother after she separated from his father because of some unknown reason. As of now, the name of his parents remains unknown.

Bobrisky’s educational background

Bobrisky started his education journey at King’s College, Lagos. He completed his secondary school at Okota High school, Lagos, Nigeria state, and then he bagged a degree in Accounting at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Why did Bobrisky change to a female?

The main reason Bobrisky changed to a woman is that he saw that his female friends are making it big time, but he’s struggling with life despite having a degree in Accounting. Below is the picture of when he became a lady.

Bobrisky fashion journey

He became a makeup artist in school. Bobrisky was dark, but because of whitening cream, he became fair in complexion. His fashion life makes him change from Muslim to Christian – he once said in an Instagram post; “I will do ablution five times a day, it will be stressful applying makeup after each ablution”.

Below is the before and after picture of Bobrisky.

Bobrisky net worth, houses and cars

She reportedly bought a five-bedroom house whose interior decoration is worth N12 million at Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State, Nigeria. There is no reputable wealth estimator to quantify his net worth at present.

He has a Benz which was bought by her “bae”; he has a G-Wagon and a 2019 Range Rover. Below is the picture of Bobrisky houses and cars.

Who is Bobrisky bae/husband?

Bobrisky is not yet married. The 30-year-old cross-dresser said although he is in a relationship, his lover is a married man.

The controversial internet personality also said he is waiting for his lover to divorce his wife so they can get married.

“Many of you asking when are you getting married bob? The man I love is married but I’m waiting for him to divorce his wife so we can get married,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Henry Ike is reportedly Bobrisky’s bae  he made this known when she posted his picture on her Instagram page and wrote: “My World” as the caption. Below is the picture of Henry Ike.