Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom continues its surprising run at the global box office after a couple of months since it premiered on the big screen. The sequel, starring Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson, has now earned $433 million from theaters from all over the world. James Wan‘s second adventure in the world of Atlantis has earned $309.8 million from international markets, with the remaining $123.2 million from its global total coming from domestic theaters. The King of Atlantis’ return has become one of the most successful DC Extended Universe installments, coming up with a better performance than The Flash and Black Adam.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom earned around $27 million during its opening weekend at the domestic box office, having to compete against titles such as Wonka and Migration during its first few weeks of playing on the big screen. While the sequel failed to reach the box office heights of its predecessor, it still managed to perform better than the other three DCEU movies released in theaters in 2023. But even if Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom managed to swim faster than other stories set in the franchise, its reported $205 million budget means that this action-packed adventure was only a moderate success for

The plot of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom follows Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) as he struggles to become a beloved King of Atlantis. As if ruling over an entire civilization wasn’t hard enough, Aquaman now had to raise a child alongside Mera (Amber Heard), and taking care of a baby could turn out to be as difficult as ruling over the depths of the ocean. At the same time, Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is still determined to make Arthur pay for what he did to him during the events of the first movie, and he’ll use an ancient Atlantean weapon known as the Black Trident to do so.

The Supporting Cast of Atlantis

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom featured the return of Jason Momoa in the titular role, but it also added new characters to the franchise that came to an end with the release of James Wan’s sequel. Randall Park, known for his roles in WandaVision and The Office, starred as Doctor Stephen Shin, a marine biologist obsessed with Atlantis and its culture. On the other hand, Martin Short voiced the Kingfish, a giant creature who rules over the ocean’s criminal underworld. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom also featured the return of Patrick Wilson in the role of Orm, Arthur’s half-brother and the main antagonist from the first Aquaman movie.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Film Poster

Arthur must enlist the help of his half-brother Orm in order to protect Atlantis against Black Manta, who has unleashed a devastating weapon in his obsessive quest to avenge his father’s death