The Movie Anikulapo has been at the peak of talks and anticipation as series enthusiasts have long craved its cinematic release.

The movie titled ‘Anikulapo: Rise of Spectre’ (a miniseries) contains satisfying numbers of six episodes. It exceeds 40 minutes per episode.

In case you are down for streaming, the movie is officially streamed on Netflix.

The pinnacle team features the Director, Kunle Afolayan, Cast: Jide Kosoko, Gabriel Afolayan, Adewale Elesho, Uzee Usman, Lateef Adedimeji, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Sola Sobowale Taiwo and Hassan.

As the series is hitting numbers currently, accolades are deployed on Kunle Afolayan’s incredible qualities alongside his flocks.

However, there are several questions arising from the viewers as they are able to spot twists from the original story and new characters.

Swerving back to 2022’s Anikulapo, we foresaw how Saro was engulfed by his pride after he had been embossed with the power to resurrect the dead by Arolake.

This heavily impacted him that he relinquished Arolake’s contribution to his life. He further dumped her and tied the knot with other women.

This shattered the heart of Arolake which led to Saro’s downfall. His power failed him after he tried to resurrect a dead man in the king’s court which eventually deployed repercussions to his grand leading to his death.

Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre

Accelerating to the new series, Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre

Saro who had long gone to the other life; now fully a ghost met an Angel at the gates of heaven where he was confronted with a frightening debt owed to the afterlife. He was tasked to return to Earth and undo the resurrection of 20 souls he had resurrected as of the time of his operation on Earth if he was going to resist external wandering.

One who once saved lives astonishingly transformed into a beast who was hunting the lives of those he once gave life. He haunted all and gave a chilling turn as he encountered his victims individually. However, in the toll of this, an old blind woman offered Saro a chance at redemption.

Away from this, while Saro lived up to his mission on Earth, he was also trying to outsmart nature and become human again. This reincarnated him to Ilu Aje where he linked up with a new friend, Kekere who assisted him in finding a vocation. Despite the view of this, he was still anxious about three reclaimed souls now tethered to him.

This delivered a mix of horror and comedy to the narrative and has so far attained the attention of over 10k enthusiasts.

His existence as a reincarnated soul on a mission spanned to another phase after he negotiated a deal with the three souls haunting him ending up to attaining a grant of three years of life. He promised to guide them to the afterlife. It’s finally a new life; Saro begins his human existence with the ghost’s assistants and a new venture into the palm wine business.

Competition still arose which was deployed by Karounwi. He was also a palm wine tapper who was passionate about his vocation. This unleashed more twists.


If you are willing to know the rest of the story, go see the movie as it’s available on Netflix.

The actors who embodied the new characters had long and so far attained new favouritism as fans adore their ability giving rise to a new phase.

The movie may continue its episodes as it has gathered enough streaming numbers on Netflix.

Since its release date on March 1st, it has been constantly bagging comments and reviews from fans who are entertained by the series.