Wed. May 27th, 2020


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Am afraid, I don’t want to die of Coronavirus, please grant me bail – R. Kelly begs from prison

It is not a hidden things any more, that the deadly disease called coronavirus is killing people globally.

Unfortunately, the diseases has find it way affecting people in the prison when popular American singer is.

The 53-year-old artist and musician who is right now anticipating preliminary at MCC Chicago for attacking underaged young ladies is terrified of getting the infection after reports have it that there are affirmed cases in the jail.

Kelly is so worried as figures gave by the Bureau of Prisons on Wednesday, demonstrated that there are 500 positive-testing detainees, 298 positive-testing staff individuals and 17 passings.

The American vocalist’s legitimate group depicted the middle as a ‘petri dish’ and approached he be expelled for his security.

As indicated by TMZ, Kelly’s legal advisor had told the adjudicator he was in a defenseless situation after a prisoner on his floor was hospitalized with coronavirus.

The legal counselor additionally demanded R. Kelly was probably going to return yet R-Kelly was denied bail as he had gone up to past court hearings and owes almost $2million to the Internal Revenue Service. In any case, the intrigue was denied.