A yong Nigerian music artist, tried something very interesting in the music industry. See it…

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A video of a young aritst popularly known as Robin Cino is currently trending online after he was spotted distributing his disc (CD) to people on the street of lagos for free.

By now, most musicians have accepted that albums and singles aren’t going to be the moneymakers they used to be, but that realization differs from artist to artist. Some put their efforts into monetizing theirs contents in any way possible, while others have entirely forgone the idea of selling as they’re contented with giving it away for free in other to build a sound fan base first.

This is the story of a young Lagos based singer popularly known as Robin Cino who truly understands that generosity begets generosity by offering to share his entire music album titiled “BACHELOR” for free. When he was asked if giving his entire album away for free is the best way to go?, the young promising artist says “It might be if you’re not too shortsighted because those who truly “receive” the album will recognize it cost and will reach out in gratitude as generosity begets generosity. Giving the product away regardless of the money invested in it is also part of transaction if you understand the game well”

Below is the live interview with this highly talented singer 👇

Naijaloud: What made you want to give your album away for free?

Robin Cino: My reasons for giving away Bachelor Album were a mixture of personal conviction and tried-and-true business practice. I hold the conviction that generosity is a freeing and ennobling act, both for the giver and receiver, and that true generosity is giving from our first and our best, not from our leftovers or the giveaway box of things we don’t want. Those who truly “receive” the offering will recognize that it was costly and often reach out in gratitude. Generosity begets generosity.

Naijaloud: Were you at all worried about what your expenses on the album?

Robin Cino: I had a moment of concerned pause as I counted the cost of giving it away. Yet, in giving the fans my music for free, I’ve been building a trust and respect. Most of them know I’m not after them just for their money…. They’re not just a “buyer of my units” – they’re the reason I sing songs. After listening to my contests they will leave a “tip” and then go on to spread the word about my work via social media, which is a huge help. Give away your best, honor the listener, and don’t worry about immediate losses. If you build trust and appreciation with your listeners, a sustainable and reciprocal business model awaits.

Naijaloud: Would you do it again? Would you do anything differently?

Robin Cino: Yes, I’ll always make my music available for free in one way or another especially with websites like Naijaloud that offers unparalleled connectivity with the listeners

Naijaloud: Even in an age when the music itself can be infinitely duplicated for free bro, don’t you think giving away your full album will only cheapen the music you make?

Robin Cino: Not all bro… that can only occurs when your content isn’t rich or good enough. I believe in myself and my contents a lot. I am encouraging all good upcoming artists to occasionally give out a song or two to new fans in the quest to build a stronger fan base.

Naijaloud: Indeed generosity begets generosity so hope this your gamble pay off soon my gee

Robin Cino: Yeah thanks brotherly

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